The manifested Energy of the mind equal to Money of the physical reality…. MO money! The “M” as a saw waveform “Cuts” off the majority of beings and animals from living a life free of fear and poverty, and “Cuts” down trees and plant-life, to make “MOre MONEY” so the few can live lavish and the majority sweat to survive while at the same time supporting the few to live lavishly. I am sharing my experience within the last 6 months in parts, to show how this current money system affects us and what needs to change this unequal system to an “equal money system”.

In October 2012, after my fiance graduated nursing school, she and I were relocating back to New York City, to work as a Registered Nurse, and I to produce music to market online etc. and do computer tech work. We packed and traveled, to the city where the place we had to stay fell through the day before we arrived. After a few hotels and other prospects, we found a temporary place through a friend of mine. We agreed to 2 months stay, which at that time we figured it could be adequate time to get a nurse position. After a couple of days settling in, hurricane Sandy welcomed us back and basically flipped the city and surrounding areas on its side. There was massive devastation in lower Manhattan and Jersey etc. We were on the hill in Harlem (uptown), so we didn’t get flooded or lose power. When public transportation finally started moving days later, we took a ride downtown and to Brighton Beach Brooklyn and saw the beach residues in the streets and shops without power etc., everything was different, like a third world country in some areas. Within this, several hospitals in the city had shut down and patients and staff were moved to other hospitals that could take on this level of emergency. Suddenly it became the most inconvenient time to get a nurse position in any hospital because everything just froze and nurses who lost their homes and were displaced were more a priority that a new nurse looking for work.

Now our money is running low and nothing is materializing, so at the 2 month point, we went into the shelter system really believing that we could get assistance to get on our feet. We learned the system quick that it is not what it seems, and because we didn’t have certain addictions and disorders, we were considered unqualified for further assistance after the 10 day initial shelter stay. I could not get medicaid before I went into the shelter system, I was told I could not get financial clearance… WTF!!!

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Have you ever heard someone say “If you only knew what I was thinking…”Many of us are quick to say that we don’t know what another is thinking and later or even in the same breath, we sum up a persons whole life based on one point that we engaged in with them. Most people have a dying need to be right, as right only exists in our created bubble of existence inside our minds, that we give life to as if it was a physical glass of water that when we drink it, we are refreshed and hydrated.

The same goes with all of our creations as well. Now playing across America and the world are seemingly random murders by shooting or stabbing etc., and everyone is pretending to be caring individuals based on who dies in a specific tragedy. What is amazing and fucked up simultaneously, is that people claim that they don’t understand what is going on and how people can do such evil crimes. What we see and hate so much is the reflection of ourselves and the projected anger towards these “EVIL” people because we know we never stood up to investigate the policies in our own countries that we knew were only in place to feed the wealth of the rich while taking from the masses. The USA has implemented many policies and laws that support abuse of certain people such as slavery, banking, credit, interest rates, women not allowed to vote, imminent domain, and the list goes on. We have always had complaints but because we are a “FREE” country, we accepted these policies as the norm and as long as we were comfortable and had a little money, fuck everyone else who got the shit deals of the system.  When we allow ourselves to participate in a system that does not support everyone equally, we are not understanding that what is allowed to harm one, is allowed to harm all including self. These atrocities that we are facing is the result of all of us allowing this system to exist and closing our eyes to it to not see, and turning our heads and covering our ears to not hear, and moving to the quietest places we could find to not have to engage what we know is fucked up in hope that it will disappear from our personal reality and world. Everything we have tried to avoid, ignore, sweep away, condemn, judge, and what we “FEAR” is quickly making haste to visit us! We will either all eventually enjoy a system that supports every living thing equally, or we will all eventually despise a system that we all suffer within.

12/21/2012???? What the fuck about it? Does it mark the date when humanity will wake the fuck up and stop the bullshit with how we treat each other, to creating a new world where all have the freedom to live and express life equally without “FEAR”?… Or does it mark the date when humanity has crossed the point of no return to only plunge to the utter depths of insanity, hate, fear, and abuse? We choose!


Whenever we have a chance to sit and consider what is going on in our surroundings and within ourselves, if we look honestly, we will see the inconsistencies and fluctuations in our life experience. I understand things change all the time but from the perspective of my experience of myself is what I am referring to. Of all the thoughts and memories that float in our heads daily, which ones do we grab and get personal with? Am I realizing when I pick out a thought to run with it? Do I know how many times a day that I do this shit? I can be so deep into a self created fantasy or backchat that I lose myself in it before I realize I am lost in my mind. How many realities have I created in the space of time that I existed completely within the mind. To become aware of when and what we create would assist us to understand how the mind works. Once we are aware of how the mind works, we can direct ourselves within the principle of “Do unto others as you would have done to you”, which would become what is best for all.

What is amazing, is that with every plan, every plot, every war, every crusade, every pilgrimage, every retreat, we have only created dimensional shifts and have not changed this physical reality into a place where all have dignity, and live without fear. What on this planet is it going to take for humanity to look at itself and see where we are headed and take responsibility for it! If our gods and sages and gurus have not been able to stop the atrocities over eons of time, who would think they could suddenly do it now! What level of calamity and death and destruction and disease have to arrive to get the attention of those that have the power and resources to change the world. How many realities will be created in our minds before we realize the only relevant reality is being destroyed. Humankind is like a suicidal maniac wanting to prove that he can blow him/herself into many pieces.

Day 3 – WHO AM I?

Tomorrow is not here yet and yesterday doesn’t exist. This moment here exist and I am here, but am I HERE? My question to myself, a simple one but a most important question, and even more important is my self honest answer to myself. What is my experience of myself right now, am I aware of what I think, feel, speak, how I react? These are questions that if I ask myself daily, I may learn who I am in this world and I will see it through my awareness of how I live and correspond to other people, things, animals, nature. The real question is who am I as “FEAR”? I exist as a liquified manifestation of “FEAR” layered with each layer being the basis of the layer above it. This is my equation of myself: if I am as all as one as equal here, then as I understand who I am, I will understand who everyone is and the reason for the conditions of the world which are all man-made, and can only be corrected by man. No god can do it, and it will not just work it’s way out. Any belief in any type of deity will guarantee that no responsibility for this earth or the inhabitants will be undertaken by man.


Who wants to live in a nice house, on a nice block, in a nice part of town, with nice people, with a nice car, and nice stores in the neighborhood? What kind of neighbors do we want? Who are the nice people, and where do they live? When we say that’s a nice house, what do we mean? When we say nice people, who are we referring to? When we say a nice neighborhood, who lives there?

Most bad neighborhoods have blacks and latinos, and some poor whites right? Most bad people are the ones who occupy prisons and local jails right? Most bad parts of towns have liquor stores, chinese take out, korean hair shops, laundromats, etc. right? When we look for new homes, who are we looking for to be our neighbors? It is common that “BAD”… equals “MONEYLESS”… and “NICE”… equals “MONEY”…

These are our definitions, all brought about based on who has money and who doesn’t. We do not choose whether we are born into money or not, but we choose to ignore what we have created in the name of money! Now that we have gotten acquainted with the “BAD” people, and we have the image of those people playing in our heads right now… Lets meet the “EVIL” ones! It is I who sit in front of this computer screen, it is you who clicked on the link to read this, it is us who can take a shower when we feel dirty, it is all who have the luxuries of flushing toilets and running water. It is ME as the manifested system I participate in and enjoy these things that most of the world have not! I am evil by participation in the system that does not support all as one as equal as life, and what is best for all. Every day I am realizing how evil I really am, and the ones who have what I have and more. I do not have money, but I have these luxuries, and yes they are luxuries if most don’t have them… So one thing left to do, and that is take responsibility for my evil participation and help to bring about a new system that will support all life equally and to created a world that is best for all! What is best for all is best for me!

No judgment, shame, regret, etc. should stop us from making this a reality, and it is within myself that I stop my internal participation in the system and when I am able to stand and direct myself as the principle of what is best for all, to do so as I support others to do the same, until it is done and no evil exist in any way, but only good as lived practically by every human here!

Economic & World Crisis

It seems as if everyday is just another lost home or business or personal belongings. There are many people who are joining the poor party regardless of degree, IRAs, dream home, etc. This economic status of the US shows us that the middle class is falling away and the chasm between the rich and poor is gaining size. Slab City California is just one example of those hit hard by this reality we call a depression/recession. Because money is the blood of the system, it has to be money that we use to change the system, before the blood clot, causes the fatal stroke. People say the love of money is the root of all evil… Maybe its the human that is the root of all evil because we created money… can the created be more than the creator? In Anu’s case…  Yes, but within this system we are equal to our creations, so every being on earth who suffers because of the unequal money practices of the elite, has a story to tell… If the animals could write a book, what would be the title? My PARTicipation in this system is evident to me, though I am not clear exactly where I started, but the end is the same for everyone! When breath is the pinnacle of existence, then we can say that we have taken care of life as life itself! Until then… welcome to the darkside as we walk through the manifested consequences of our accepted and allowed way of living.