(This is a continuation of the series “MO MONEY OR NO MONEY”… I recommend you read from “Part 1″, to get a full perspective on the experience I am writing about…)

Now we are staying with a good friend that I met a few years back, and it is a cool place. It is also about a mile from a major shopping center and public transportation, which makes travel a challenge because there are no sidewalks on the way to the bus.  The hospital that my fiance just started working is an hour away and we no longer own a car. This is also a challenge because without a major credit card, a car rental actually cost more up-front and we have to purchase the insurance. It took our last bit of money along with a few dollars from a friend to make this happen.

I have some physical conditions that require surgery and attention, and a few conditions I have had for many years and was never able to get the correction because none of my employers offered insurance. Even in emergency scenarios, you have to “qualify” for treatment in most cases that are not life threatening but at the same time debilitating. These are all points that depend upon having money to resolve them. In other words, those who have money and can extract it from the masses, win. I learned in MLM a long time ago, that the way to make real money is not to get lots of money from a few people, but to get a small amount from everyone. This has been in practice for centuries in this current money system. Money is required to maintain ourselves within this system because it was created by money. I have now understood how important having money in this system is to supporting myself and continuing my process within this physical reality. In the “B-LIE-ble” it teaches to always give, and you should receive. Does this system work this way? No!… The ones who give only lose money and the one’s who take only gain money, but most people want to be a money taker, thus we have a system of “consumerism” where everything is being used up and turned into wealth. There is an end to this and it’s not one that we would like to see.

So in my conclusion, I have shared some recent experiences that show how the lack of money in this system affects all of us equally within our daily lives and our ability to support ourselves physically. No one knows when or if they will face a similar scenario as we have, but we are still here and breathing, and I also realize many are experiencing these things and worse, but have no voice or means of sharing it… I am also speaking for them as all as one as equal until no one is left out of the equation of life… 1+1=2 Equality For All within and as an EQUAL MONEY SYSTEM!




(This is a continuation of the series “MO MONEY OR NO MONEY”… I recommend you read from “Part 1”, to get a full perspective on the experience I am writing about…)

Now that we have been disqualified for housing, we have to leave the shelter. We then applied for public welfare, which I always thought the city had some of the best public assistance available anywhere. We were told that in order to receive this assistance, we had to be in a drug program, or taking mental meds, etc. This turned out to be a dead end and we had to sit and decide that LGA was the best place to go, so we went and slept in the food court with the travelers who had lay-overs. It is expensive to eat at airports and wifi is not free. I felt as if everything I did was to no avail and every dollar we had was being sucked away by a massive systematic vacuum. There were other people there that had been sleeping in the airport for some time, and it becomes extremely difficult to maintain a level of hygiene we are used to. I borrowed money from a friend to assist us in finding shelter, room, etc. At the end of a week, I called some friends in the Bronx who I hesitated to call previously because of the amount of kids, but I called to arrange a shower for us, and afterwards they offered us to stay with them for a while. After 2 months there, and my fiance had been volunteering at a Manhattan hospital, there was still no positions offered to her.

We bought bus tickets (Chinatown), to go back south to get our things out of storage, and we were staying 2 weeks only. After arranging an interview at a hospital here in the south, my fiance got an interview a few days before we were to return to NY and was offered a position. So we decided to stay in the south for now but our important things are in the city and some are here.  My fiance is now working as an RN here at a lower pay scale, and we have to get a car which we sold right before going to NY. So in most scenarios, one spends more money in the south than in NYC because we don’t need a car in the city and maintenance and gas will eat up a large portion of that.

Regardless of any negative experiences that anyone has, it all comes down to “Money”, that gives us temporary access to the basic necessities of life and when the money is gone, the access is revoked…. But why is money the medium that determines if I and my fiance have our basic needs for survival met? How have we designed a system that “Life” itself comes after “Money”? It is obvious that those with an abundance of money refuse to do what is best for all, but only do what suits them and the ones that have interest in banking. If we have “NO MONEY” should we not eat and have no right to survive? If they have “MO MONEY” should they over eat and have a right to all earths resources without limit?

Will continue next post…