The manifested Energy of the mind equal to Money of the physical reality…. MO money! The “M” as a saw waveform “Cuts” off the majority of beings and animals from living a life free of fear and poverty, and “Cuts” down trees and plant-life, to make “MOre MONEY” so the few can live lavish and the majority sweat to survive while at the same time supporting the few to live lavishly. I am sharing my experience within the last 6 months in parts, to show how this current money system affects us and what needs to change this unequal system to an “equal money system”.

In October 2012, after my fiance graduated nursing school, she and I were relocating back to New York City, to work as a Registered Nurse, and I to produce music to market online etc. and do computer tech work. We packed and traveled, to the city where the place we had to stay fell through the day before we arrived. After a few hotels and other prospects, we found a temporary place through a friend of mine. We agreed to 2 months stay, which at that time we figured it could be adequate time to get a nurse position. After a couple of days settling in, hurricane Sandy welcomed us back and basically flipped the city and surrounding areas on its side. There was massive devastation in lower Manhattan and Jersey etc. We were on the hill in Harlem (uptown), so we didn’t get flooded or lose power. When public transportation finally started moving days later, we took a ride downtown and to Brighton Beach Brooklyn and saw the beach residues in the streets and shops without power etc., everything was different, like a third world country in some areas. Within this, several hospitals in the city had shut down and patients and staff were moved to other hospitals that could take on this level of emergency. Suddenly it became the most inconvenient time to get a nurse position in any hospital because everything just froze and nurses who lost their homes and were displaced were more a priority that a new nurse looking for work.

Now our money is running low and nothing is materializing, so at the 2 month point, we went into the shelter system really believing that we could get assistance to get on our feet. We learned the system quick that it is not what it seems, and because we didn’t have certain addictions and disorders, we were considered unqualified for further assistance after the 10 day initial shelter stay. I could not get medicaid before I went into the shelter system, I was told I could not get financial clearance… WTF!!!

Will continue next post…