How Much Is Enough????

How much money is required to maintain a life that you can have dignity and the means to enjoy some of the luxuries of life? How much money is necessary to satisfy mans greatest desires and needs? Some of us are actually able to count money, whether it is $20 or $20,000… But what if we had multiple millions stacked to the ceiling of our house, would it be enough? When we have bought all we can to satisfy our desire for things, what is left? We now have a dellima because we still have desires and noway to satisfy them because the elation of buying whatever we want have dissipated. Now more extreme measures are needed to feed the energies of desires and wants… having “A Good Time” becomes a task because it has to be created as all the energy of getting new money has dried up! You would think that when someone has earned, stolen, or finagled their clients out of millions of dollars, that they would stop and say “Now I have all I need, I can stop now”, but it only accelerates to getting even more millions.
How much money is enough? When some people scape the ground for food, and work long hours just to put gas, in the car enough to go back to work another week just to buy enough food for the energy to drive back and forth to the job just so they can have a roof over their heads, and all the while being “Just Over Broke”… It is clear to me why money is the initial key to changing this current system, because it is in the amount, and possession of money that determines a persons well being on this earth.


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