What ever I participate in throughout my day whether I am aware of myself in it or not, is a decision that I make in every moment. If I am involved with someone or just to myself, the experience of myself remains the same. In making a decision to do something, I am aware of what I am doing and why for the most part. In instances that I do nothing, or procrastinate, I am also making a decision to remain in whatever state I experience myself. The mind is active in its preservation and I help the mind whenever I am not standing as myself and applying myself as my physical body to be here physically and not in the fantasy island of the mind.

The money system supports dreaming about materials, food, money, lifestyle etc, as money determines how we are able to live in this world. The olympics are not supporting humanity as all as one as equals but is supporting separation through competition, judgment, spite, and jealousy.  Most people may say they see no problem with the olympic games, but when you have people representing a country based on their physical fitness and people in that country are being abused and starving and can’t even leave the country, who are these athletes representing? They represent the elite interest and distract everyone else from what is really happening in this world. Olympic games have never created a better world for the poor and the masses of people who have no opportunity to improve their life. So if we support the olympic games, we also support the system that neglects real issues and focuses on games to make their country look good. There are still nuclear missiles in their arsenal and war machines.

So to not stand is to decide to sit… and think!

sitting & thinking