THE BORG SYSTEMS – Resistance Is Futile

If it is inside, then greater is it that is inside than me that is in this world! If the SYSTEM is inside, then greater is it that is inside than ME that is actually in this world! Today I realized that whatever the systems are that I struggle with everyday, the fact that they exist within me, is proof that I am less than they are. We as humans are the creator of our own systems using what was designed by the reptilians. If I hate or judge any part of myself, it is like pouring concrete at the base of the system to hold it there! I don’t see it being possible to transcend something that I judge and consider as separate from me… It IS ME MANIFESTED as the systems and here is where I have to emerge myself in awareness, and through EFFECTIVE self forgiveness and self corrective application. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE… I might as well be a borg with all the system implants that are contained in me, and I have been assimilated by the MCS design and is part of the hive mind that goes abroad, replicating itself and fucking up reality to make everything look just like itself! God did not create humankind… Humankind created humankind so only humankind can recreate itself based on a principle and not a personality fueled by energy. I am here as all and all as me, and my fuck ups affect everyone as well as everyone’s fuck ups affect me. I realize there is no savior for me, and I cannot be saved, only become equal to all that exist. There is a wall of fear between myself and the edge of me as the mind. Every part of myself known and unknown will eventually surface, and fear only exist within the mind, If I fear anything, I am still within the mind and my fear is increasing so there is no way to escape because the mind bubble seems to be getting smaller and I will either go to the edge of the mind and face myself and the fear that is the guardian of the mind, or wait until the mind collapse on me bringing the fear right up to my nose. I will do this alone as no one can soften the blow! Now to get the Love out of my life so I can see my fear up close! Seems like the only thing that stops me is fear, so why do I procrastinate and make excuses within myself? FEAR!