Who wants to live in a nice house, on a nice block, in a nice part of town, with nice people, with a nice car, and nice stores in the neighborhood? What kind of neighbors do we want? Who are the nice people, and where do they live? When we say that’s a nice house, what do we mean? When we say nice people, who are we referring to? When we say a nice neighborhood, who lives there?

Most bad neighborhoods have blacks and latinos, and some poor whites right? Most bad people are the ones who occupy prisons and local jails right? Most bad parts of towns have liquor stores, chinese take out, korean hair shops, laundromats, etc. right? When we look for new homes, who are we looking for to be our neighbors? It is common that “BAD”… equals “MONEYLESS”… and “NICE”… equals “MONEY”…

These are our definitions, all brought about based on who has money and who doesn’t. We do not choose whether we are born into money or not, but we choose to ignore what we have created in the name of money! Now that we have gotten acquainted with the “BAD” people, and we have the image of those people playing in our heads right now… Lets meet the “EVIL” ones! It is I who sit in front of this computer screen, it is you who clicked on the link to read this, it is us who can take a shower when we feel dirty, it is all who have the luxuries of flushing toilets and running water. It is ME as the manifested system I participate in and enjoy these things that most of the world have not! I am evil by participation in the system that does not support all as one as equal as life, and what is best for all. Every day I am realizing how evil I really am, and the ones who have what I have and more. I do not have money, but I have these luxuries, and yes they are luxuries if most don’t have them… So one thing left to do, and that is take responsibility for my evil participation and help to bring about a new system that will support all life equally and to created a world that is best for all! What is best for all is best for me!

No judgment, shame, regret, etc. should stop us from making this a reality, and it is within myself that I stop my internal participation in the system and when I am able to stand and direct myself as the principle of what is best for all, to do so as I support others to do the same, until it is done and no evil exist in any way, but only good as lived practically by every human here!


One response to “MEET THE EVIL ONES!

  1. I really enjoyed the blog I will pass it on. I think ur 100% right 😉 there are people that know this but turn there backs and pretend that this doesn’t exist!!!!

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