Everyday someone walks by us, or is seen by us, who does something that we react to. Whether these people are drinking, or smoking weed, or stealing or driving reckless, etc. We have some sort of reaction of judgment. It is automatic because of our packaged belief system and self definitions. I wrote down a few things that I realize I judge people on and the list got longer and longer, and I realized there are many intricate details of the construct of judgment. Much of it is connected to what I see which is not what is there but the minds interpretation of it. I also realize that my own self definitions are layered and who I am in this reality, is who I have created myself to be through separation. So my take is that judgment comes from belief systems containing comparison, competition, self definition, separation, spite is somewhere in the beginning of this… I feel like a human baklava crust with all the layers of separation, when I am actually here, but my experience of myself is not Here but somewhere else. The toughest task in life is not what we build, but what we take apart… the layers of the mind!


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