I have done wrong, and god is going to punish me… This often is the underlying fear of the morality game. Societies teach this to kids to instill fear and cause the kids to always have a conflict because the resonant desires, will not coincide with what is “morally right”… I grew up with the same teachings, though I do remember thinking as a young kid, “what if god doesn’t exist and all this shit I am being told is not real!” Somehow years later I jumped into religion head first, and was convinced that god had to be real. Looking at morals, I see that what is said to be right or wrong is based on rules someone created that was based in their self interest! They say it is wrong to have sex before marriage, but many people of the cloth have sex slaves and never get married. They say that if you are poor, you should be content and thank god for what you “DO” have, like health (my back hurts everyday), strength (get tired easily trying to make ends meet), life (what kind of life is this when all of my effort goes into having shelter and food)… They say give to god that there may be meat in the church (we don’t eat at church, but in our own house), and what does god need with money if he created everything money can buy? There is a problem with “MORALITY”, it serves only one side of humanity… The Elite! The elite have no morals but they make sure we do so we don’t question when shit doesn’t look right. Nothing changes because of morality because immorality always exist also. So MORALITY = POLARITY!

Someone said “give your life to god”… as soon as I get one I will consider it! Someone also said “pray every morning that god protects you”… they forgot that prayer doesn’t work everywhere, like Haiti, Africa, Middle-East, China, and a few other places! Someone also said a friend who just died… “is now in heaven with god”… At least on earth they didn’t have to see god and could walk around wherever they like… now that they are with the TOP BANANA, they have to be on their knees forever giving praise in front of a living mercury lamp that you can’t even look at directly???? Sounds like earth is a better place to be to sort out this shit we have created! Morality should be put in an oven and then turn on self clean!

I have learned a lot about this reality through Desteni and much about myself… now I am learning about the structure of the mind and how it works… I will try to enjoy this ride! Away with Moralitay!


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