No Satisfaction

I am here, but am I experiencing myself here? I am here as everything that exist in this world… good, bad, beautiful, and the ugly! Every time I judge a scenario in this world, I am judging self and keeping myself separated from the self that is manifested here in the physical! To chase money like its the only thing to do, as if it is going to satisfy our egos. The design of our minds does not allow for satisfaction because it always wants more. If we eat all that we want today, we will be hungry again tomorrow… If we get the girl/guy we always wanted, we will still be attracted to others… If we win millions of dollars in a lottery, and buy everything we thought we ever wanted, somehow we would still not be full-filled… If we were to try the hardest drugs to get high, we would be spending money everyday trying to get even higher to no avail. In essence, the mind is a fucking machine because we are always fucked as long as we are participating in it! It is a Fibonacci spiral where the end is superseded  by infinity! Simplicity is the way to go as the mind system is too complex in the relationship between thoughts, feelings and emotions,… What baffles me is not being able to see exactly where the pile of shit is but I can smell it, so the search is on. Find the shit at the core of me, and take responsibility for it.


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