Understanding Knowledge and Practical Living

I knew that I knew what I knew because I know what I know, and I know that I knew what I know now! What a mindfuck, as this was me about 6 years ago when I got the Secret in my hands. Even now I catch myself relying on knowledge that I have not applied! It is the ingredient in belief systems and  fears and the whole human experience! Knowledge is mind based until the knowledge is applied and on the principle of what is best for all! How do we know what is best for all?… We actually don’t know because what is best for all have never existed so it is just an ideal that has to be created by us when we realize ourselves as all that exist. I can safely say that all I know is shit because as long as I only know it and not become it, then what is the value in it! I am realizing that this is a time to be self-honest, be responsible, be disciplined, become real.


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