School As Brainwash Academy

Even before we understand how to communicate properly, we are taught that school is the most important thing in life! As a young child we were placed in a classroom with blackboards where adult robots draw symbols and make tonalities and we get programmed by the pre-written curriculum. The classroom becomes the point of brainwashing students with history or HIS-story, and social science etc. We were taught the same way so that we would adapt to the current system and support it as an adult. We were graded on how well we absorbed the brainwashing and given rewards the more brainwashed we became. Those kids who basically ignored school by skipping class, and doing other activities were not awarded and made to be a spectacle of what you don’t want to be. Some things taught in school are basic tools of education as reading writing and communication skills, although the underlying point of these tools are for us to use them to continually support the current system as it exist. Some may disagree, but religion was introduced in many schools, even if the parents were not religious at all. The seed was placed that there is a higher power that we must be subject to.

The laws of the land here in the US, is designed to make sure all kids go to some type of school and even make rich people feel good about paying for their kids to have the deluxe brainwashing at the prestigious schools which the poor people cannot afford! Here we have the freedom to be dumb because there is no real FREE-dom, only the appearance of it! From vaccination, to segregation, to instigation, to graduation, keeps the TIE-on a nation of those who graduate or Gradually ATE the bullshit for 12 years. California is usually the first state to implement extreme measures to further limit one’s ability to exercise any freedoms once shared by everyone.

The basis of what is taught for 12 years is that segregation, competition, need for validation, etc., is normal and just the way it is. It is a race and only the ones who fight to stay out front will win, because no one wants to be a LOSER and losers can end up being a LO-life who SER-ves the rich (Winners).

Money is currently the main tool of separation because the ones who have it, live well. The one’s who don’t have it live in hell! Equal Money system is overdue, and will build a world that all can enjoy without fear!


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