The Super-sized EGO

Every time I think of something, the question is “what is the basis of this?”… “what is it supporting?”… If the answer is not what is best for all, then it requires more introspection and writing to see where the ego is bolted in! I have noticed a few things about myself as a male, and that is the underlying belief that men are actually superior to women, and women are inferior to men! If you ask me what my standpoint on this topic is, I will say that men and women are equal in fact… Is this really true? Lets check my actions… Do I have reactions to women when I see them? What is the first thing that comes to mind when I see a woman? What part of her body are my eyes focused?… The point here is not about sex specifically but about the nature of my reactions when seeing a woman! My reactions as well as anyone else, shows the sub/unconscious beliefs and fears etc. so if my reaction when seeing a woman is mentally placing her in a limited bubble that I designed unknowingly based on my sub/unconscious beliefs, then I actually believe the woman is less than me. We the male species on this planet have much responsibility to take for how we have treated all living beings including the ones we poison with Love! This is what I call the Super-sized EGO which is the male ego. The women of Desteni are driving the equality bus and its cool because we… (like in the Matrix) have had our time, and we have really shitted on reality, so we can walk together but we definitely don’t need to be leaders anymore, time for real change!


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