The Time Machine

This is not the renown book of HG Wells, nor any tv series. It is the Memory based Time Machine of the mind… I have found all energetic reactions within myself to be based on memories or maybe sub or unconscious memories. Our thoughts are based on memory so our future will mirror our past if the line is not drawn here! Being free of the mind to me is out of perspective because who I am now is created by the mind construct so it is impossible to get free of the mind, but creating a new self/me from within the mind which is based on the equality principle of what is best for all, that will eventually become equal to the mind and I could then shut it down because I built a new self not based on the mind, but the equality principle! So if I am being directed by memories of any kind, I am still in the mind! If I can remove the Ti (tie) from Me, then Time (Ti-Me) would become just Me!


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