“FEAR”… The Forest Fire Of Humanity

It doesn’t take long to find something in life that we fear, and that can range from animals, to insects, reptiles, microbes, natural disasters, and people. I have talked with so many people about fears and it is usually, microbes, natural disasters, and other things I listed, but I have realized a fear that is even more than these, and that is LOSS! The fear of losing something, whether it is power & control, or a lover, or money, etc. This fear is just the surface fear as the greatest fear that engulfs man is the loss of self, which is sealed at death. This “SELF” is not the actual physical self, but the “I AM” self, the accumulated self of self definition, or “PERSON-ality”. There is another fear that comes at a close second, which I realize within myself as the fear of facing “SELF” honestly! When I decide to face a point within myself honestly, I have to do something about it and be responsible about it because I can never ignore it anymore after that!

RESPONSIBILITY is shunned because it requires physical movement as we can’t take mental responsibility for anything in this world because what we have are physical issues that people experience everyday! Starvation can’t be remedied by thinking about stopping greed, and giving food etc., it requires physical movement! Imagining having food when your hungry only makes the hunger more intense, and this is all just real common sense, but common sense is less popular that the iPad! When a group of people express fear about something, it seems to gain momentum as more people tune in to it! Soon an entire community has fear of something that a few started! I see this as the perfect device of control and enslavement! I did hear Bernard say that before we become one and equal with the physical here, we will have the greatest experience of fear that we ever had, so lets get ready to face our fears together as one so we can end the atrocities that were born from fear!


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