Economic & World Crisis

It seems as if everyday is just another lost home or business or personal belongings. There are many people who are joining the poor party regardless of degree, IRAs, dream home, etc. This economic status of the US shows us that the middle class is falling away and the chasm between the rich and poor is gaining size. Slab City California is just one example of those hit hard by this reality we call a depression/recession. Because money is the blood of the system, it has to be money that we use to change the system, before the blood clot, causes the fatal stroke. People say the love of money is the root of all evil… Maybe its the human that is the root of all evil because we created money… can the created be more than the creator? In Anu’s case…  Yes, but within this system we are equal to our creations, so every being on earth who suffers because of the unequal money practices of the elite, has a story to tell… If the animals could write a book, what would be the title? My PARTicipation in this system is evident to me, though I am not clear exactly where I started, but the end is the same for everyone! When breath is the pinnacle of existence, then we can say that we have taken care of life as life itself! Until then… welcome to the darkside as we walk through the manifested consequences of our accepted and allowed way of living.


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