Man’s Buried Treasure

To see a beautiful woman, and the resonant energies spark up and the mind churns out many thoughts… Are they thoughts of equality, or oneness? Are they thoughts of love and compassion? Or are they thoughts of when, where, and what position! That is it! After looking closely at myself, I wonder why the first thoughts are analyzing and projecting the sex with a woman and how it might be! Below the surface lies a belief system in which women are inferior and the man is superior! The look of beauty is associated resonantly with this belief so the mind puts the woman as subservient to the man as this is what propels men to desire services by the woman because we don’t walk around finding ways to serve or be equal with the woman… It is only about sex on the surface as the real desire is the dominating control of who we believe is less than ourselves. In actuality we think women are available whenever the energy boils in us so we take the woman in our mind without consent which makes it RAPE! Fucked up but this is what it is! No judgment, just process of stopping ourselves through releasing the belief patterns that are resonantly alive in all of us, within and as symbols! This buried treasure needs to be dug out… but not to keep!


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