The basic senses we have: taste, smell, touch, hearing, sight, together as one allows us to have a limited experience of things in our immediate surroundings. When we touch something like a brick wall, we can feel that it’s hard and rough… that is all that it is. The same goes for taste, when we eat food, it is salty or sweet, or sour, as these are names we give the experience. These are basic experiences we have through our senses.

Now the imagination is a way that we try to experience things but it is energy based, so the experience is directly dependent on the energy involved. Image  in nation, the nation of the mind and just as we meet different people everyday, we have different thoughts and feelings everyday… I’m aging at ion, or anyway we want to look at it, it shows the mind ages us through drawing energy from the body, as our imagination takes us on a trip of self interest. If we could imagine a world where all are equal and only true self expression exist… This is a challenge as the mind is based on what was programmed into it, and we live this out. So the thing I see here is to change the directive point from which I move. From energy based thoughts and feelings, to principle based, what supports equality, and what is best for all. If we do this because we really want to, what happens when we no longer want to do it? It is cool when I can push through to make myself do something that is supporting equality principles, because it shows the possibility of self direction. This is something we have never experienced before… living and walking a principle that is grounded by the physical body instead of the mind.


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