Anger & Judgment

Everyday we see something in our world that either upsets us or makes us react internally. A personal example is when I see someone getting a raw deal on their job, at their school, or in society as a whole! We see how in N Korea the people are subject to extreme draconian measures, facing punishment for not showing enough emotion for the death of Kim Jong Il! To see this, lots of people become outraged and spit anger and rage towards the leadership of N Korea. When I react with the same anger, I realize I am seeing a part of myself that I have not really faced! To me it seems that anger shows self judgment and is the block for me being completely responsible for my own allowance of anger as it is the prerequisite of violence! I may in my mind wish violence upon those leaders and other leaders, governments, etc., so the violence and anger still exist within me! I know it is a tough one for me at times as I had much physical violence done to me growing up, even being a toddler, and have had my share of fights and conflicts! This is no longer acceptable for me to allow even the thoughts of violence to be justified. Breath, is a friend here…

It is important for me to work this out as it is one thing that can take me for a ride in the worst part of my mind! Anu only used what already existed and created a design from it to enslave existence so projecting anger to anyone is in total error! We have all participated in what is here and I am just trying to be responsible for my part in it and as all of humanity as one, as myself!


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