Cold Weather and Equal Money

When winter arrives, there are many who spend all of their time in department stores and electronics shops searching for the perfect gifts for the people who they claim to love. Others go to work just to get some overtime pay. Some take vacations to visit family or some resort spot in warm climate. Then there are those who dread winter as they have nowhere to go. These are the same people who walk by us with the torn coat and busted shoes whom we say, “Sorry I don’t have any change”… Regardless if we think they get high or are mentally ill, we still do not truly consider these people as ourselves. In an equal money system, we will not see any homeless person pan handling or begging for enough change to catch the train or bus to another part of town or out of town! We will not have to cross the street when we see “Joe smelly” walking our way. When we see Joe in an equal money system, he will be giving us something or showing us something that he built, but there will be no begging because Joe will have all that he needs to live to the fullest and fear of loss will not exist! Sure most of us would like this kind of world because we lack something. The ones who have more than their fair share will not want to see an equal money system as their level of power and control and the truck loads of money they have will be no more and they will fall in the ranks with everyone else! Equal Money is not a “Good Thing”, it’s the “Best Thing”.

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