The Energy Experience

I have tried to come up with an instance in my life that did not contain a thought, some feelings, a few emotions… I came up empty handed, and I realize that my entire experience up to this point is no more than an energetic movement within myself that I put together with my favorite tools of “self definition”, “beliefs”, “information”, etc… Here is the misunderstanding of what the human experience really is. It have been said that we are alive and breathing proves it… Does breathing prove it? Who is actually breathing? Is it me? Alright I will hold my breath for 2 minutes…


Did 1:01 seconds… so why could I not continue? Well I definitely am not the one breathing, my body actually breathes for me! So what does this say to me… that my existence as who I am is not actually the body but something we call a personALITY. There is nothing HERE that I am equal to so really, I don’t exist, yet! I am currently only experiencing myself as energy, so I breathe as it is the only thing that I see as a bridge to the physical.


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