Mapping The System

What is it that drives me? Why do I like something? When did I begin to like it? Where does this crap come from? Why can I not stop certain habits?… These are the questions that need actual answers, to know self as what self actually is and not what I pretend to be. This is the part of my process that will never end. My start point must be the same as my end point. I am inspecting my self created city to see where the streets go and where they begin. I know NYC although I didn’t build it, but I built my own city of a personality based on a pre-programmed design, and I don’t know my way around the city that I built myself (personality). This is quite a dilemma, but it is the only city that goes where I go because I am one and equal with it! It is the accumulated allowed and accepted participation in the pre-programmed design of the mind and the systems that exist within and as us as humans.


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